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Seniors in assisted living receive supplies thanks to young volunteer

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 10th grader is on a mission to bring joy to seniors at an assisted living facility who are cut off from family and friends by coronavirus.

Life at assisted living facilities like Feels Like Home is not the same, as many of the communal activities they enjoyed with their neighbors are on pause, as well as face-to-face visits from family and friends like Rheagan Crenshaw.

“As we all know, coronavirus really targets older people, so I think now it’s really special to let them know, they do have people that care for them,” Rheagan said, “because they might feel vulnerable or might be hard for them, so it’s always good to lend a helping hand.”

Rheagan is collecting toiletries and cleaning supplies for the residents at Feels Like Home. So far, she has more than 200 rolls of toilet paper and the list of cleaning supplies is growing.

They’ll also be giving out packages and gift bags, with masks and cleaning supplies. They’ll hand them out as they drive by, Rheagan said.

Rheagan is no stranger to bringing joy to seniors. In 2018 we introduced you to her Rheas of Hope Initiative, a program where she visits seniors, delivering goodie bags and smiles, founded in memory of her grandmother.

“Tomorrow is her birthday and Mother’s Day is also coming up,” Rheagan said. “I’ve been volunteering at Feels Like Home and I’ve volunteered at an adult daycare in the past, so me and my mom came up with the idea.”

The idea isn’t just to drop off the items at the door, but to honor the mothers and other residents with a special social distancing salute.

“My friends and family surprised me with a parade, so all my friends drove in a parade and passed by my house and gave me gifts,” Rheagan said. “So we thought it would be nice to just do that for the seniors at Feels Like Home as well.”

Full story can be found here: https://wreg.com/news/seniors-in-assisted-living-receive-supplies-thanks-to-young-volunteer/

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